Pay Toilet in the Philippines - Ask if there are seats available before paying!

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  •   Title : Pay Toilet in the Philippines - Ask if there are seats available before paying!
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    Using a pay toilet service is one of those WTF experience you might get a taste of if you are in the Philippines. You're in a busy mall in Manila. You just had lunch in a restaurant with no washroom on the premise. You ordered your favourite tilapia in coconut milk, a bowl of taro leaves also in coconut milk, all guaranteed to make your bowel move once they hit the spot in minutes. Half an hour later, you're scrambling to find the nearest comfort room in the mall. There's one on the second floor but you have to pay to use it. You're about to defecate so you quickly end up giving your money of P30 to this service provider. What they don't tell you though when you're about to shit in your pants is that there's a line up of diarrhea-prone customers, 5-deep inside the room and all toilet seats are occupied! What the f_%4! What's the point of paying for this service if you cannot make a dump in a dignified and timely manner? None!
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