ALOE BLACC - "Brooklyn in the Summer" (Live from Youtube Space LA, 2018) #KickBackSessions

May 6, 2018
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Aloe Blacc - "Brooklyn in the Summer" Live from Youtube Space LA, 2018 in support of Not for Sale. End human trafficking, donate today...

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Jam in the Van presents Kickback Sessions, a new live streamed benefit concert series from Youtube Space LA.

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Session Playlist:

*** About Not For Sale***
Slavery is alive and thriving. Not For Sale is an international non-profit based in San Francisco that works to end exploitation and protect communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

*** About Jam in the Van***
Jam in the Van ==== Where music takes a whole new road.
We will be traveling anywhere accessible by road to find and record intimate musical experiences for our fans. If you are interested in our cause let us know.
@jaminthevan on instagram and snapchat

*** About Kickback Sessions***
Kickback sessions is a new live streamed benefit concert series from Jam in the Van filmed at YouTube Space LA. The series brings together three different bands for an intimate concert in support of a charitable organization.

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Z Shoes
Created with Not For Sale, Z Shoes is bold and ambitious. We aim to redesign the shoe industry.

Bitchin' Sauce
Get Sauced:

Crafter of super herb powered Coconut-Milk Elixirs is committed to supporting human dignity through impact sourcing and supply chain integrity, and 2.5% of their net sales go back to Not For Sale to help create a future without human trafficking.

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*** Credits ***
Executive Producers:
Jake Cotler
David Waechter
Dave Bell

Directed by:
Jack Higgins

Technical Director:
David Elliot

Director Of Photography:
Will Laszlo

Stage Manager:
Eric Peterson

Grant Babbit

Peter Olsted

Renee Barbieri

FOH Mixer:
Ethan Glaze

Video Control Operator:
Marcus Martinez

Camera Operator:
Troy Hauschild
Matthew (Wolf) Ramirez

Tape Operator:
Robert Green

Graphic Systems Operator:
Jenny Campbell

Comms Opp:
Ryan Curry

Mixing Engineer:
Sean P. Jones

Edited by:
Jack Higgins

Live Stream Mediator:
Amy Paul

Production Assistants:
Amy Paul
Cameron Burt
Olivia Nazare
Steven Johnson
Carolyn Fasone
Colin Holmes

Created & Produced by Jam in the Van, LLC

Music by: Aloe Blacc

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